About me

I’m Karen. A once career-orientated, London girl who loved to get her chardonnay on and travel the world. After a whirlwind relationship, engagement and marriage, at the grand old age of 38 there was no sitting on my laurels – it was time for this ‘geriatric’ potential mum to procreate.

Having spent almost twenty years in education, working with little people, everyone believed it would be a breeze – I’d know what I was doing right? As Harry has hit the ripe old age of 799 days (that’s two years and two months of sleep deprivation), I felt it was time to embrace my sterling successes and spectacular fails as a first-time and full-time mum who is the fabulous side of forty.

Does age bring wisdom, zen-like calm and the ability to wrangle a toddler with a ‘code-brown’ explosion without breaking a sweat? Welcome to my world of the Unyoung Mum where I can safely say, my zen went the same way as my brain, post-partum but I have had the most amazing journey so far. I’m keen to share with you my day-to-day learnings, musings, laughs and nightmares; exploring activities, food, books, clothing and all things being a mum to a lively toddler-related. Also to show that age is irrelevant – whether you are 22 or 42 (like my good self) you still have to learn to navigate the highs, lows and in-betweens of this lark they call motherhood.

When you turn 40 and you’re ready to drop, there’s only one thing for it – CAKE (and big knickers)!