How Do I Get My Child To Wear Slippers?

[Ad] I’ve had an issue with Harry for four years. He will wear hats. He’ll generally keep his coat on. Clothes in general do not cause me grief.

But as the mornings draw in, the chill sits in the air and we still debate whether it’s acceptable to turn the central heating timer on, he still refuses to wear slippers.

To be fair, I’m not the best model of practice. I’m not a slipper wearer. I will always opt for some fluffy socks, if an absolute frostbite necessity. To add to this, the one pair of slippers I bought for him were a disaster. Purchased for their Thomas the Tank Engine credentials, they were poorly-formed foam nightmares. They had a foam base that I can only describe as a ‘flatform’ affair. Harry did not need an uplift in height and kept slipping off the side of them like a pre-pubescent in platform heels. I could barely even get him to pose for a Thomas themed picture let alone keep them on. L

Fast forward two years and I have had the pleasure of meeting the ‘Dottyfish’ team at a blogging conference. There I was, nostalgically stroking their leather, patterned baby shoes. Why would Harry no longer fit in beautifully crafted, leather robin and penguin designed pumps?

It was then I had the chance to take a look at their range of slippers. Now my question was more: why would I not fit in to their podiatry tested, premium baby-safe suede slippers? They were enough to make me a convert. Sadly for me, they have a 0-6 age- range At 44, it would’ve been an ugly sister situation trying to squeeze my foot in!

My biggest issue with Harry is not that he won’t wear slippers but more that he opts for socks to keep his tootsies warm. He then proceeds to jet propel himself around the house, mainly the kitchen, with his slippy soles. He’s one kitchen lap away from A&E.

Dotty Fish Baby Slippers are blessed with non-slip soles and elasticated ankle trims so they stay on little feet.

I won’t lie. I wasn’t hopeful. I didn’t think they’d last more than 5 minutes.

He’s not taken them off.

I literally had to prize them off him at bedtime.

He now not only has the snuggliest of feet but he can launch himself around the laminate flooring and kitchen tiles without fear of slipping (at warp speed no less). Now to get the navy to match the rest of his pyjamas… nothing wrong with being a bit extra with your loungewear right!

Thanks to the Dotty Fish team for solving his life long issues. Check out their adorable range at Perfect for Christmas!


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