All The Fun Of The Circus

[Ad] It’s only taken me 44 years but the weekend saw me finally set foot in the Big Top.

My mind was filled with archaic images of lion tamers and ringmasters with curly moustaches. But this my friends, is Circus Cortex.

High octane, high energy and high vibes.

There may have been many of the traditional aspects you’d expect from the circus: tightrope, dancers, acrobatics, plate spinning, unicyclists and a slapstick clown pinning it all together, but the modern twist presented them all with a side of sass.

The punky costumes and graffiti sprayed set made it streetwise and spirited. The rocking tunes had you singing, stamping and clapping along to the feisty dancers and fearless acrobats.

I’ll admit I was nervous about taking 4-year-old Harry, to a 90 minute performance. Would he be bored? What would he make of it? I needn’t have worried. He was utterly mesmerised by the performance. The lights. The sounds. The popcorn!

The show was eye-popping, heart-stopping and completely rocking. I was on the edge of my seat for the balancing act, the plate spinning and parkour. My thighs burnt just watching the trapeze act – and that wasn’t just from the ring of fire she fearlessly spun!

It’s not to late to be part of this slick and professional performance, and believe me, the audience were very much made part of the show. Their run continues over the next few months and tickets for: Heybridge Maldon, Saffron Walden, St Neots, Cottenham, Cambridge , Rushden, Stevenage and Milton Keynes can still be booked at the Circus Cortex website.

Thank you to the team for the gifted tickets. I think you’ve inspired a mini-stunt-biking, parkouring, acrobat! Book now while you can for fabulous family night out!


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