Little Tiger Latest… Hot Off the Press (AD PR Review)

It’s such a privilege to work Little Tiger publications. My month is made when I receive a parcel of their latest releases. Story time is such a massive part of our daily routine and having new books to provoke conversations and deepen Harry’s understanding of the world is a joy.

So without further ado, I give you September’s offerings:

The Wind May Blow by Sasha Quinton and Thomas Hegbrook

There are some issues that can be tricky to address with littles. Resilience is one. You can praise them for sticking at it when a shoe won’t go on. You can big them up when they showed grit in trying to surmount the climbing wall at the playground. But it’s as important to explore the big emotions around hitting obstacles.

‘The Wind May Blow’ does exactly that. It starts with the joyful times, the sun shining, but then explores metaphorically the challenges life may throw at you. As the character battles against the weather, it reinforces the inner strength we all have and the ability to weather the storms.

The clever use of cut outs to reinforce words and repeat phrases in a more positive light adds that extra dimension. This book grabbed me as a mum as I just felt it was a wonderful way to build affirmations.

It’s Only One by Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal

How can you be a good citizen? What does it mean to be part of a community? How can we take care of each other and our world?

Start by reading this book is my sage advice. A utopian town, all living in harmony is turned upside down when Rhino believes that his actions won’t affect people. “It’s only one” he cries as he chucks his rubbish on the floor.

Life in Sunnyville becomes far from its moniker as noise, rubbish and general disregard take over. How do the residents pull it back?

A great way to explore how we all need to work together to live together happily.

Home by Patricia Hegarty and Britta Teckentrup

We were massive fans of the book ‘Tree’ with its story of a tree over the year. So to receive ‘Home – where our story begins’ from the same author, it was safe to say we had high hopes.

It did not disappoint. With a similar ‘peekaboo’ approach to the illustrations we felt like we were getting a special glimpse in to the home of the animals featured. The drawings are beautiful and Harry adored discovering the little details such as the cheeky spider that pops up.

The story explores the bears home and that of the other creatures in his habitat. But it also got us talking about our home and what made it safe and comforting.

The Fairy Dogmother by Caroline Crowe and Richard Merritt

A lot of sparkle and glam. A whole heap of humility and gratitude. A distinct lack of greed. Peppered with appreciation

What’s not to love about this story? When you can’t make three wishes because you have everything you need. When you selflessly put others before yourself. We all need to be a bit more Cinders in our approach to life – a lesson in gratitude is this book’s gift.

This was a proper feel-good read that leaves you with a warm heart, a large smile and a twinkle or two of magic! Woof!


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