REVIEW: Where’s the Hub for all the Clubs?

Where can you find language lessons in Leicester. Do they have signing sessions in Swindon? Please tell me we can do performance arts in Preston!

I remember the earliest days with Harry wanting to get stuck in to all the classes. It wasn’t some rabid tiger-mum push for accelerated development but it was as important to punctuate my day with social contact as it was to stimulate his growing brain.

There is so much out there on offer but other than word of mouth, I found it so hard to access. The sessions run at the local children’s centre were fabulous and well-timetabled but it’s only now I realise how much more there was to offer.

Why had I not been booked on to Tumble Tots to burn off his excessive energy? How did I not know Little City had a local franchise where I could’ve opened up career paths for him!

So where do you begin? Especially in these crazy locked-down times where classes, groups and activities have been so mercilessly culled and limited.

Be it at home and online or an up-close-and-personal face-to-face class, my one-stop-shop for local groups (and national online resources) is Clubhub UK.

Accessed through either the website: or via the fabulous app, there are thousands of Kids Clubs, baby classes and Children’s Activities registered. And it’s as easy as putting in age and interest, against your local area.

With just a few clicks you can be hooked up with toddler activities, indoor activities for kids, gymnastics classes, things to do with kids, indoor play areas and kids activity boxes available to order online. Oh yes I hear you cry… especially if you’ve been a lockdown new mum struggling with no external engagement. I salute you. Truly.

The filters really are the key for me. Once the postcode is in, you can drill down by age (which you can add multiples of, if you’re searching for siblings), by price and by day. It just helps you get straight to where you need to be. And we are talking under 1 all the way up to 18!

I was lucky to be a Clubhub rep and as such got to see the wealth of resources and activities they had on offer. We jumped right in to a gifted Gymboree session and found out about all the local events that were happening. There’s constantly new clubs being added and it’s interesting to see how many online resources there are out there.

Now we are getting some sense of normal back in our lives, I feel there’s so much Harry has missed out on. I was the queen of adventure and that was swiftly curtailed by lockdown. But now I feel it’s time we can start getting out there, giving him new experiences, exploring new skills and finding his passions. All with the help of CLUBHUBUK.

So what will it be for your littles? Coding? A flair for dance? A cheeky backflip or maybe working on that backstroke? Let me know what you find locally and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram.


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