Wide Awake Wolf by Georgiana Deutsch and Megan Tadden – A Review

Why is sleep good?”

You never know with three year olds; is this a shameless attempt to prolong bedtime or a genuine philosophical quandary.

Sleep is our way to recharge our batteries. To let our bodies grow big and strong like daddy and heal our bumps and bruises. To let our minds rest, ready for the next day.”

But I want to be small.”

Even small things need to rest. Batteries come in different sizes.

It’s always the sign of a good book. One that provokes conversation and raises questions. Picture books have that power and ‘Wide Awake Wolf’ was no exception.

This gentle tale from Little Tiger Publications focuses on the thorny issue of getting to sleep. As adults, we know the frustration of when sleep evades us. For little people, particularly with lighter evenings to contend with, sleep can be a tricky one! In this beautifully illustrated book, Wolf goes on the hunt for sleep when it hides from him, seeking help from Badger and Hedgehog on the way.

Everything about the shadowy nighttime shades of blue and purple to the softly sung rhythm of hedgehogs lullaby makes this the perfect bedtime book. Nothing could be more soporific than a genuinely big YAWN from Wolf that Harry was keen to replicate.

The story led us seamlessly in to bed as Owl reassured us all that sleep isn’t to be found. Sleep finds us. The perfect message to a preschooler who wants to eke out the evenings with Mummy and Daddy. Lie still and sleep will find you.

There was a real sense of comfort in this story. Yes it may have sparked off a debate worthy of Socrates, but the message was clear, sleep will come. I just hope I reinforced my point that sleep is also preferable when it allows you a lay in!

How do you explain sleep to your little ones. Have you had some interesting discussions around dreams and the darkness?

Thank you to Little Tiger for gifting us this book for review.



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