It Is What It Is – The Year of Non-adventure

This was two years ago.

This was one of our daily adventures. A central line trip in to town and the DLR to London Docklands. First in line for the Docklands Museum.

He was just over a year and a half here. And nothing phased us. Foldable buggy and we were away; rucksack packed with snacks, a change of clothes, a few books, several train toys and a billion wipes.

Escalators were no match for us. Lifts from the platform were a bonus but not a deal breaker. As long as there was a transport link we’d get there. We covered all the big guns: Natural History Museum, London Transport Museum, Science Museum, National Marine Aquarium. But we also discovered some hidden gems: the immense soft play at the National Army Museum in Sloane Square, the Discover Story Centre in Stratford and the role play room at The Postal Museum in Farringdon to name but a few.

Harry did so much in his first 2.5 years. His eyes were wide as saucers as we had the world, science, geography, art and everything in between presented to us. But this last year, before he starts school was what I was most excited for.

He’s a sponge now. He asks questions. He takes it all in with awe and wonder and talks… and talks… and talks. The fun we were to have. The exploring and learning we would do. The memories we would make. This was what being a stay-at-home-mum was all about…

I hadn’t quite envisaged a year of play trays, messy crafting and constant tidying. I can remember telling my mum when he was little “we can’t stay in, we have to get out. I’d go stir crazy.” Soon had to eat my words and adjust there, didn’t I!

We’ve missed out on all the opportunities I’d planned, despite central London still being on our doorstep. COVID put a stop to going past our front door, let alone jumping on a train.

I will take my train obsessed little man on tubes journeys again. Museums will still be there. He’s had a year of learning through oodles of play at home, and let’s be honest: TV. He has had the bonus of building a bond with his daddy that makes them inseparable. He’s learned how to make his own entertainment and be a bit bored which I think is a pretty important skill. And through the wonders of FaceTime he’s established a bond with his Granny that I don’t think without lockdown would’ve been nearly so strong.

I don’t feel cheated. It is what it is. Unprecedented and unavoidable. We have our health. We have our family. We have our friends. We have new friends thanks to the wonder that is social media. There are so many positives we can take from the last year.

These photos just make me excited for the summer and for times to come.

Where will you go? What will you do? What adventures are on your list?



  1. What a lucky boy to have done all those things pre lockdown… and I’m sure you’ll get back to a fun packed schedule but I think being at home is important too. I feel like it’s taught our family about just being together. I think I’ll always be grateful for lock down even though I’ll be pleased when it’s over

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