AD – Personalised ‘Cookie Dough Kids’ Tracksuit

What are my favourite things in life. Eating cookies and shopping. What happens when you put them together? You get a very happy mumma! Welcome to Cookie Dough Kids.

Ask my husband – my penchant for shopping knows no bounds. When we talk about our respective hobbies, he could bore you to death with golf trivia and statistics. I however, can tell you where to find the best deals on children’s wellies, which websites are currently running their end of winter sales and the return policy for most of the major retailers. Yes, both golf courses and clothing retail may have closed down for lockdown, but it has most certainly done nothing to dampen my capacity to shop!

Imagine my sheer delight when a small business approached me to ask if we would be interested in sampling some of their stock. I should add, having Harry in my life has only deepened my passion for fashion, giving me a whole new avenue of colours, styles and accessories to explore.

Cookie Dough Kids is a UK based brand run by Kirsty. From baby to adult, from beanie to babygro, everything you need is there with the option to personalise. Even your pets are catered for!

We opted for a tracksuit. Kirsty was so helpful and responsive with regards to sizing. At 3.5, Harry is fairly tall but I thought I’d aim for maximum usage and go for the 4-5 year old initialled navy tracksuit.

The order was with us promptly and was beautifully wrapped. What struck me was the quality – both soft and thick; I’ve no worries about it wearing and bobbling. The handmade print of ‘HL’ was perfectly aligned and placed. My only concern was the daily battle to get him dressed in it but even my little pickle was a willing participant when he spotted ‘H-H-H for Harry!”

The jogging bottoms are too long for him with my generosity in size selection and I was a little concerned that there was no drawstring. However, popping them on him the waistband is snug and expandable. I’ve bought him joggers before from major retailers where he’s been hoiking them back over his bum as soon as he starts moving and we’ve had to wait for him to grow in to them. Not the case with Cookie Dough Kids. They stayed up all day and believe me, this boy is active.

We opted for the zip up hoodie rather than the pull-over one and it was a great choice. He was able to sharpen up his fine-motor skills with some un-zipping when he got too hot! As a mum, I was able to practice my fine-motor skills taking pictures of him all day long because let’s face it, stomping around in his monogrammed threads, he looked too darned cute!

In our household, outfits only get one wear before they need washing. I’m happy to report that it washed beautifully on a 30 degree wash. I wasn’t surprised that it can’t be tumble dried with the printed initials but at least that means he won’t be wearing it every day, which would be tempting.

Too often I have opted for the cheaper, throw-away fashions but this generously gifted set from Cookie Dough kids has reinforced for me that you can’t beat quality and the personalised, professional approach that comes from supporting small businesses. Thank you Kirsty – I’ll send your apologies to my husband when he discovers the next order we will be making.

Golf or shopping? is the one-stop shop for all your personalised needs.



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