Surviving the Jabs

In a week of newsworthy vaccinations, our were not headline winning, but it’s still a big deal for a 3.5 year old.

But to quote William Shakespeare, the second recipient in the world of the Pfizer COVID19 vaccination, the temptation is to make ‘Much Ado About Nothing.”

I’m not a highly emotional mum when it comes to these things. When he was two months old and they stuck his chubby little thighs with the rotavirus, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and meningococcal B vaccines, I wasn’t a sobbing mess. Because let’s face it, a moment of pain, an afternoon of calpol and a sleepy, clingy baby are far less scary than that list.

It’s not pleasant. No mother wants to willingly inflict pain on their offspring. But I’m neither phased by needles nor resistant to the necessary evil.

So here’s my:

Top Tips for Surviving Jabs

1. Be prepared: have calpol in ready for raised temperatures. It will often be advised to take after.

2. Make no plans for afterwards – it’s the best excuse for a snuggle at home kinda day.

3. Watch the episode of Bing, where they go for vaccinations. It’s available on series 2, episode 4 on iplayer. Its a great way to help explain the process of immunisation in a child friendly way.

4. This one is controversial. If they’re old enough to hold a conversation, don’t tell them until the last minute. I’ve tried prepping Harry for injections before and it’s opened up a whole can of tantrum worms. Fear and build-up can make it all the more scary.

5. Leave it to the pros. Our nurse was amazing at just getting it over and done with, directing me.

6. If you are inconsolable then it’s going to be reflected in your little person. Stiff upper lip. Lots of praise and hugs, but hold back those tears.

7. Have some stickers at the ready! We got a bravery certificate but stickers make everything better.

8. If ever there were a time for cake, this would be it. A treat is well and truly deserved.

9. Have coffee ready. Chances are they will sleep through but if it is a restless night, have the good stuff at the ready

10. Pat yourself on the back for keeping your child safe and give yourself a sticker. It’s never nice – you deserve a bravery award too!

If anything has made me emotional today, it’s the prospect that the next vaccination isn’t scheduled until 2029. An almost teenager. Threenage to teenage. It sounds eons away but I know how fast the past three years have gone. It’ll be Lynx Africa and hormone city in no time.

I’ll be soaking up all those hugs tonight. Apart from its already a distant memory. The healing power of chocolate cake. What jabs mum?

Have you any top tips for getting through immunisations?



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