Day 17 – Lockdown Daily-Wins Diary

We are in lockdown but today we celebrated freedom. Locked-down freedom. Does that still count? Semi-freedom? Frockdown? Lockdom?

Whatever you call it, it was a splendid feeling getting in the car together, getting take-away coffee (mummy is the masked, coffee mule so I ferreted the flat whites from Caffè Nero to the car) and parking up to watch the early-morning fitness junkies squatting like sumos.

In our state of frockdown/lockdom, we opted for an early visit to the skatepark and playground. Has anyone else noted the exponential uptake on public outdoor spaces? It’s almost as if there were really no such thing as a lockdown when you look at the mere centimetres between inhabitants, merrily chatting.

It makes me twitchy – I’m relieved to say this is not a documented sign of covid. I completely get it. Playgrounds and open spaces are all people have. We are social beings – standing two metres away from friends goes against all social norms. But if staying safe and not appearing a social leper means being at the park by 9am, dressing like a Michelin man to counteract the biting wind and having an entire day to fill at home after, I’ll opt for that.

And in the words of that 80’s, gold-drippin’ hero, Mr T, ‘I love it when a plan comes together!’

We had the skate park to ourselves. Harry beamed as he bombed about, feeling the wind in his mini-mullet (dammit- should’ve got the barbers appointment booked in before closure. Winter is a bit chilly for the army-regulation buzz but he received from Mumma Scissorhands back in April).

After exhausting himself and his racing companion, Daddy, he free-wheeled around to the playground. The empty playground! I pity the fools who turn up at 11am (channeling Mr T again there… )

For twenty glorious minutes he took over, and tested mummy’s pelvic floor with see-saws and super-speedy sliding. What was plain to see was how much he’d missed the great outdoors. Laps of the patio on his trike just really hadn’t cut it.

By 10am not a soul was to be seen. With pink noses, caffeine-sated smiles and a sense of emancipation, we piled back in to the car. The rest of the day was happily spent at home. Safe. Warm. And with a hint of liberty.

Why I won today: getting through self-isolation with no symptoms and finally having some family time outside the confines of the garden fence!

How are you managing with lockdown, particularly if there are toddler in tow? How do you use your time outside your home safely?


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