Day 8 – Lockdown Daily-Wins Diary

Getting the wins in early.

Today I have a consultant appointment. It’s a follow-up after some topical treatment on a slightly suspect mole. It’s nothing massive. I’m not overly concerned.

But what this morning represents is far more than a check-up.


Daddy will be on duty… for however long it takes. And I may well drive really slowly. And really take my time with parking. And really make sure that every inch of my torso is scoured for further fishy-looking freckles.

But my true win this morning. Getting dressed up. Getting out of Lycra. Abandoning my hoodies. Taking off the trackie. Take a hike, Nike’s!

I might’ve verged slightly on overkill. Was a pleather, pleated skirt and heels really necessary? Did an assessment of my arms really require a full face of make-up? I would argue yes!

So as I teeter to the door, waving a not wholly unwelcomed goodbye, I will revel in an hour or two, or maybe nearly three of anti-isolation.

Who’d have believed a trip to the hospital would’ve held such promise. Now get me a coffee!

Why I won today: Outta the comfy casuals for just a few hours!


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