Day 7 – Lockdown Daily-Wins Diary

Simple today:

  • Toddler child sleeping for 12 hours
  • Sofa cushion soft-play
  • Toddler whirlwind requesting iPad
  • Relinquishing any guilt about aforementioned iPad time
  • Actively encouraging iPad time – self-isolation made me do it
  • Polar Express for the eleventy-billionth time
  • Cookie-making to feed mumma’s afternoon sugar low… sorry, to give him a sensory experience
  • Slow cooker chilli
  • Happy Daddy due to ugly-assed golf net installation in garden
  • No getting dressed battle… coz he didn’t get dressed!

And that my friends is how to rock a successful day in self-isolation.

Why I won today: all the snuggles, none of the dramas

What’s rocked your world today?


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