Day 5 – Lockdown Daily-Wins Diary

So I missed Day 4. Four days in and I’m already struggling for positivity.

To be fair to me, yesterday was a bit of a car crash. We found out that Harry would need to self-isolate having been exposed to COVID at preschool.

As a family this has a massive impact. Firstly and fore-mostly, is he at risk? Will he become symptomatic?

Secondly, if he is carrying the virus, does this put his Daddy at risk. Daddy who is under immense stress with work and has underlying health issues that make him vulnerable.

Thirdly, even if all is well, how the hell will we survive with zero time-out for mumma, zero golf time for daddy and zero scootin’, train-tootin’ and a-triking time for little man?

To say things were tense would be an understatement.

However, self-isolation has been kind in gifting me with several wins today

  1. To maximise my outdoor freedom I managed a 9km run. Bets on marathon distance by the end of iso!
  2. Christmas card-crafting factory line went in to production and 58 cards of varying quality were successfully produced… “just stamp it straight Harry, pointy bit at the top, not too much paint, in the middle, keep it still, press harder, don’t move the stamp…”.
  3. The lovely Tesco man delivered me a lovely bottle of Rioja for if times get really tough… by 8am.
  4. The dulcet tones of Justin Fletcher serenaded my boy to sleep on the sofa for a 90 minute nap of dreams. Oh Mr Tumble, I’ve missed you.
  5. The car MOT, which had been postponed for 6 months, went ok. A tyre puncture I can deal with. Praise the motoring gods (not you Clarkson)

So a day of productivity and surprising positivity considering the circumstances. It’s like a lockdown within a lockdown. Before yesterday I felt virtually free which is concerning in itself.

Yes. One day down. 264 hoursish to go.

How I won today: child labour and laborious pounding the pathways of the forest.

How was your day? How are you keeping?

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