Day Two – Lockdown Daily-Wins Diary


Simple win. 9:30am. 15,700 steps in the bag.

I could’ve had a lay in. I could’ve run once Harry was in preschool.

So why! Why you mentalist did you set your alarm for 5am I hear you cry?

  1. At 5am all is still and peaceful
  2. At 5am no one is around to make a mess
  3. At 5am no one, bar the cats, had any demands of me
  4. At 5am I can have a shower in peace
  5. At 5am no one can stand in the way of me and my coffee

Starting the day with endorphins flowing, watching the sun come up, knowing that you have a 10km run in the bag, makes that 5am alarm a friendly nudge rather than hell’s siren.

Worth noting, getting the sweaty Betty bit out the way, has allowed me the last three hours on the sofa, snuggled up, heating on, watching the Great British Bake-Off on catch up. It’s all about balance – now get the kettle on before preschool pick-up!

Today’s win: Run Forrest Run at 5am

Are you an early riser or a late owl? How are you getting the steps in over lockdown?


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