Day One – Lockdown Daily-Wins Diary

I approach the BBC Weather app with the same trepidation some people withhold for handling spiders or sampling their Aunty Jean’s homemade taramasalta. At the best of times it’s enough to make or break a toddlertainment day. In lockdown… it’s your sanity that lays in the balance.

But this morning… this morning was like a glorious positive portent in to the next four weeks. The shutters opened to reveal blue skies. I can handle the odd cumulus nimbus when the sun is basting my face with a UV hug.

For the first day of our second draft of lockdown, I can’t tell you how grateful I was for the chance to get Harry out of the house.

Layering up

Taking every advantage of the bright, autumnal blessing, I decided on a trike ride for my Hell’s Angel down to the village to get some pears.

How does one dress for such a day? Sunny but with that November bite. Casuals: check. Damp hair in plaits more suited to someone in their twenties: check. Woolly hat that likens you to a member of the 90’s band East 17: check. Layers: check. Puffer coat for the pockets: check. Scarf: check.

Off we went. Little man burning off down the pavement under strict instruction to stop at driveways. It required a light jog to keep up with him. Spirits and energy levels were high.

15 minutes in: what a beautiful day.

20 minutes in: don’t think I really needed to bother with the scarf.

25 minutes in: slightly sweaty upper-lip.

30 minutes in: little man getting too tired to keep triking. Decide on a race, with me carrying the trike, and the rucksack. Really didn’t need to wear the hat.

35 minutes in: Can’t. Race. Anymore. Now pushing the exhausted infant athlete which requires a slight squat and push manoeuvre. Why did I wear this jacket?

40 minutes in: home is in sight. Sweat trickling down my back and pools collecting in my primark sports bra. Yep – one hot mamma!

45 minutes: home. Heating is on! The woman who demanded central heating on when the thermostat was at 19 degrees last night is now huffing and puffing like one of Harry’s revered steam trains, cursing the working from home dad. Consider stripping down to shorts and t-shirt till the post-glow chill kicks in!

Embrace the weather

Needless to say, the afternoon scoot at the skate park was sartorially reviewed. Scarf. No jacket. Hat to cater for the late afternoon chill. Other than a pants boulder courtesy of bran muffins at lunch (mum left the travel potty in the car), it was the perfect way to tire my little man and stick to the lockdown laws.

But thank you gods of the weather. I am endlessly grateful for every day of lockdown that does not require wellies and the uniform of a deep-sea fishing trawler to allow us to enjoy the open spaces around us.

Why I won today: SUNSHINE

What little moment or opportunity saw you winning today? Let’s share and get each other through the isolation by passing on the positive!

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