They Can Take Our Freedom, But I Won’t Let Them Take My Mojo

Let’s face it. When I started this blog it was like an endless stream of mumness, spewing from my being. My mate in Australia, yes you Steveon, told me to calm it down a little. It seems my relentless posting of #mumlife was a tad overwhelming.

Then lockdown hit. And it took a bat and got stuck in to my creative flow. It lay there, limp and in tatters. The odd story would formulate. There was intermittent construction of coherent sentences. But mostly there was bugger all to write about.

During the honeymoon period with my blog, those first six months, we were out, about and living life to the fullest of full. Then… BOOM. It was like writing from a prison yard. Day 86 – today we chalked up another craft project, a garden assault course and a contraband kitkat. #winning.

Focus on the Good

I can’t go in to another four week (four weeks, are the scientists secretly sniggering at this like the last ‘two week’ lockdown) with the sense that we are confined to HMP West Essex.

I see no point in restrictions unless we do our bit to abide by them and batter this bastard virus. So whilst we will take our moments of liberty, going for walks and scoots locally, I do intend to hole up at Casa Unyoung.

The difference this time is I am taking lockdown by the jump-leads to shock my writing mojo back to life.

Last lockdown I channeled my creativity in to #dressupfridayiniso – the hashtag that unleashed my inner and outer exhibitionist. I was joined on Instagram by scores of frustrated inmates as we embraced themes every Friday from country chic to disco. If you scroll my feed and check my highlights the evidence of our slightly manic boredom can still be found. But hey, having Harry craft Madonna-esque conical boobs with me was both a life lesson and a defining moment in our relationship.

This time however I’m going to embrace gratitude. I’m going to celebrate the daily wins. I’m going to keep my positive pants very firmly on. I follow the wonderful @mumderstanding on the ‘gram and she set the challenge of writing down her anxieties and gratitudes.

I’ve decided to not only take her up on this but use my daily wins to provide a little dose of reality and a slither of our silver linings. So welcome to our Lockdown Daily-Wins Diary – an exercise in to self care and smiles.

Nb: whilst I will attempt to post each day note that tomorrow I’m doing a ‘Dumbell and Define’ video – this may mean I lose use of my arms for several days. Also be mindful that I am mother to a toddler – some days a win may be “didn’t get poop under my nails when dealing with the 5th pant poonami of the day – Yey me!”

I do hope you’ll join us to count our blessings, keep our collective chins up, to make lemonade from life’s lemons, to look on the bright side of life and generally get our happy camper on!

Embrace your ‘Happy Camper’


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