Run Forrest Run – A Review of Sudio’s FEM earphones

You’ll know from previous blogs that I am a mum who runs, sometimes shuffles and sometimes drags her sorry behind around the forest kicking and screaming.

There is one thing I cannot do without when pacing the paths of Essex. Music. Music is my motivator, my headspace and my mood-changer, all rolled in to one. I’m not one for power ballads or ethereal indie vibes. Give me a banging house classic with a cheeky piano interlude and the odd air horn and I’m on the heels of Mo Farrah. A fast beat, some drum & bass or a rave-tastic glow-stick waver and I can pretty much guarantee that however reluctant my legs, I will keep going.

Of late I have had a problem though. No… not my pelvic floor. Previous blogs have dwelled enough on the lack of post-baby bounce. No. Cables. This is my issue. Time is precious and I have a short window with which to wind my way round the woodland circuit before my husband starts work. So when I spend ten minutes a day trying to untangle my ear phones, snake them down my top so they’re not flapping in my face, only to realise I picked up the one with the wrong jack, that’s my shower time already in the balance.

Then there’s the instagram profile to keep up. I’ve become ‘that’ person who likes film a little light insta-story action as I dash around the daily route. You lose your momentum somewhat when you have to pause and faff with unplugging wires to allow yourself to be videoed from above – no one wants to see those chins at the wire’s limited stretch.

My prayers were answered in the form of Sudio, a Swedish firm that combines clean design with a desire for quality sound. Swedish + Audio = Sudio. They very kindly gifted me a set of FEM wireless earphones to try out. Yes. I said wireless. That’s right! That alone has just allowed me time for a shower! Thanks heavens cry those isolating with me.

I was in love with them from the moment I received the packaging. An elegant box, minimal fuss and a charging pebble that fits in the palm of my hand. They fit my exacting tastes very nicely. The instructions were simple and well illustrated. Charging them was ultra-easy with a USB cable and within a couple of hours they were ready to roll. Pairing was a breeze, with a little guidance from the website, and within a minute they were linked to my iPhone and blaring out some hardcore house! I was set – but I will admit, I was nervous…

I’m clumsy. Those who know me will testify to the amount of phones smashed, iPads dropped and insurance claims on things lost. These two little buds, weighing only 5.5 grams each… how was I going to make it around the forest without them pinging out of my ears and nestling themselves in some undergrowth nook, never to play ‘100% floor-fillers” at full volume ever again? I felt only relief when i popped them in my lugholes and they fit snugly and comfortably, with a seal that cancels out ambient noise from around far more effectively than my wired exes. In addition, they have not one but four noise cancelling microphones (if I actually found I had the lung capacity to carry out a conversation whilst on the move).

So how was your experience Karen? Well let me tell you, I was knackered. Without the excuse to stop and unplug my phone to move the track forward (yes, these bad boys have touch control no less) or without the need to pause to untangle the cables from my hoodie to capture some wondrous image of nature (or a cheeky selfie), I had to just keep running. I could switch the track, turn down the volume, receive a phone call, have a chat with Siri… all on the go!

I have to say I was a tad heavy-handed to begin with. Instead of shuffling the track forwards I managed to keep pausing, but by the end of my six kilometres, FEM and I had found a rhythm and I was leaping from Chase + Status to Faithless like a graceful gazelle – shame the same couldn’t be said for my running style eh.

With up to twenty hours playtime, lets hope there’s some life left in these legs. Tomorrow I’ve got some Classic Bangers ready to roll. Thanks Sudio for significantly upgrading the soundtrack to my run. Here’s to firmer thighs and clearer tunes! If you too want to join me on journey in to sound, then get a 15% discount by using my discount code unyoungmum15 on any of the items on the website with free delivery and returns.

My suggested bangers to buoy up your exercise:

  • Deep Dish – Flashdance
  • Mason & Princess Superstar – Exceeder
  • K-Klass – Let Me Show You
  • OT Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down
  • Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants
  • Junior Jack – Stupidisco
  • Chase + Status – Smash TV
  • Layo & Bushwacka! – Love Story
  • Ferry Corsten – Rock Your Body Rock
  • Afrojack – Take Over Control
  • Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar
  • NERO – Guilt
  • Nomad – I Wanna Give You Devotion
  • Stonebridge – Put Em High
  • The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance
  • Michael Gray – Specialized
  • Faithless – Insomnia
  • Felix – Don’t You Want Me
  • M-Beat ft General Levy – Incredible
  • Redlight – Lost In Your Love
  • Fisher – Losing It

You’re welcome!

Share any bangers you’d recommend with me please! And share your Sudio adventures on your socials with #SudioMoments.


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