Times of Uncertainty

Normally I try to get at least two blog posts written a week. You’ll have noticed a slightly quieter Unyoung Mum over the last few weeks. And you have no doubt realised it is down to the madness that has descended on our world.

Bear with me. I’ve not forgotten you. I’ve not lost my zest for writing. This wasn’t a fleeting foray in to blogging. My over-sharing will continue, have no fear! Or perhaps wince and be very scared. It’s hard to develop content when you are trapped in your house, trying to peel a claustrophobic toddler from the walls.

As we ration our toilet paper and persuade Harry that a diet that consists solely of porridge, banana-peanut butter toast and pesto pasta is not sustainable, I wrack my brains for exciting stories to bring to you. Here’s some potentials.

  • Potty training when you run out of nappies
  • 2001 ways to use your patio / balcony
  • Bench pressing your toddler and other exercises in isolation
  • 101 sofa rave tracks
  • How to make 12 hours awake not feel like 12 days
  • Dealing with constipation when you’re out of prunes
  • How to survive Bing, Paw Patrol and Thomas on repeat – every day – without wanting to put them all in a room and use them for medical science

In all seriousness, I will do my best to try and share the lighter side of self-isolation. We all have enough doom in our lives but I will pepper it with some honesty and ‘fierce realness’. Check me coming over all 1980’s NYC Ballroom. I’ve been watching far too much ‘Pose’ (great BBC iPlayer boxset if you want entertainment). Set in the ballroom trangender vogue culture it is full of fab-uuuu-lous-ness. Strike a pose y’all.

I digress. It is harder to write when you are on fun duty for 12 hours a day and then in need of quiet and sleep when it comes to the evening. But I will endeavour to keep the words flowing.

Please, please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to hear about or challenge me to write about. From little seeds grow mighty oaks… you might just give me an idea that spawns a viral article or a trio of novels (anyone who’s anyone writes in threes these days). And keep bathing in sanitiser and avoiding the social niceties in life. Stay well and see you on the other side!

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