Not So Freedom-Friday

We made a call today. It was a tricky one. We didn’t send Harry in to nursery.

Were we being neurotic? Quite possibly. Are we acting too dramatically? Some would argue yes. Did we lack faith in the nursery to protect our son from infection? Absolutely not.

The facts are there. We are facing a worldwide pandemic. This virus is virile and containment has been wholly unsuccessful. So what part do we play in delaying the spread – the phase our government has informed us we have entered in the U.K.?

We are, as a family, not symptomatic. I have been unwell all week so have been super-cautious but I don’t have a temperature: one of the key indicators. We are, as a family, in the ‘increased risk’ category. With both parents having underlying health problems my fear is not so much Harry contracting it, although that has given me sleepless nights with images of ventilators, but what were to happen if we were to both catch it.

It’s not hard with the media, the constant information sources and the hourly updates to catastrophise. But I would far rather the media kept reporting, kept updating us and kept reinforcing that this is happening to all of us – not just the old, not just the vulnerable. We need to keep the facts at the forefront.

Daddy is working from home. That’s been a help with me not fully-functioning. However, for him to be working from home and us to be out galavanting around to soft play, museums and in this case nursery, would seem to undermine the decision he has made.

He works with facts. He understands figures – big figures. And his job relies on his ability to weigh up risks and make big decisions based on them.

So when I’m querying whether he is being over the top to suggest I don’t cuddle Harry to bed, what with my dry cough and flu-like aches, the little flicker of fear says is it worth even that tiny risk? When he says cancel the dentist appointment next week, it can wait – I’ll do just that. A few low-key weeks will not hurt us. We are lucky to have space, a garden and a forest on our doorstep to provide Harry with fun and fresh air. Playdates, dentist appointments and day trips can happen all summer long once the sunshine helps kill off this vicious virus.

So I’ll keep this short and sweet. We all know things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. So take care. Follow advice. Keep informed. And let’s collectively work together to nip this nasty bugger in the bud through measured, rational and calm behaviour. Sending love and strength to you all.


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