Freedom Fridays – the Solo Edit

Mr Unyoung has been away with work for the week in Boston. As much as he protests “it’s going to be work”, he has had three nights of glorious uninterrupted sleep in a bed that will be made for him (no change there then). I do not envy him the jet lag but as I’ve been wandering around in a perpetual state of semi-sleep for the last week I can empathise; sadly there’s been no flying business here. Here has been teething, snot and a cough that sounds like he’s got a 50-a-day smoking habit.

I’d love to say I’m packing Harry straight off to nursery this morning but we have a new mattress being delivered. They have conveniently given me a three hour time slot of 7am-10am. On a usual day this would be perfect, getting the waiting in out of the way bright and early. Not today though. Harry should go to nursery at 7:30. Hubby is due to be home about 9:30. Fabulous – my freedom is curtailed by three hours. It’s not like I can ask them to leave a Super-king Organic Air-Sprung mattress behind the plant pot. Wait it out I will.

My Freedom Friday Top Three this week is devoted to going solo. I am so lucky I have a willing and able other half who is there for bath times, for witching hour, for late night wake ups and for the times I just need to nip and do something. Daddy being away just makes me appreciate everything he does do – even if we do play the one-upmanship game regularly (favourite rounds being who is the most tired, who has had the more stressful day, who deserves time out more and whose turn is it to deal with the nappy explosion). This is my top three things you need to get through when your going it alone.

1. Eufy. The Robotic Hoover

Eufy has been the sixth member of our family for over a year now (Mum, Dad, Harry, Iris and Arnold – the cats, and Eufy). I am no Mrs Hinch. My cleaning skills leave a lot to be desired. So, the purchase of this electronic cleaner was a god send (it’s almost Black Friday people – I suggest you get involved!). With cat litter and dustbins being added to the job list this week, on top of the usual dishes, cooking, washing, tumble drying, sorting clothes, tidying toys and endless childcare demands, vacuuming was not high on my list of priorities. However, with a child, two cats and a Granny (yep, there was a visit from Granny Mo) – the floor detritus was building up. At times like this, everyone needs a Eufy. Turn him on, and watch him go. Although it’s not the most thorough of jobs, give him credit, he stops the floor from crunching when you walk on it. Plus he provides endless entertainment for Harry who chases him round. At least he’s got over his desire to Eufy surf now – I didn’t think the motor would see it through to Eufy’s first birthday.

2. Microwave Meals

Of course I like to feed my child freshly prepared, wholesome meals, chock full of veg and vitamins. Equally there are times in life when fish fingers and beans or an M&S microwave macaroni cheese is the only thing that will cut it. After limited sleep, I had no will to drag him out to Tescos and run the ‘pass by the ice lolly aisle’ gauntlet. I was more than happy to zap a mac’n’cheese and put some cucumber on the side as a token nod to fresh produce. Five minutes, no prep and very little washing up. Happy days!

3. Chocolate

There is a time and a place for eating healthy and eschewing chocolate and refined sugar. Going solo is not it. I am happy to report that a four pack of Galaxy Ripples got me through the hour of wailing at bedtime each night. If I’m being really honest, a pack of four Galaxy Ripples, a Bakewell Tart Flapjack, a pack of custard creams and some ginger nuts. Next week My Fitness Pal and the scales can chastise me but I am sane and sugar sated.

I have survived the week alone, looking after a most unhappy teething toddler and trying to be the hostess with the mostess to my mum but this post goes out to the fabulous mammas (and papas) who go it solo every day. One of our closest friends amazes me with her resilience and positivity in the face of ‘terrible two’ challenges. She truly is the best mum who not only provides the most loving, nurturing environment for her little one but still has the time to text and check how we are doing. You know who you are and you know you are Super Mum in my eyes. Galaxy Ripples and Mac’n’cheese on me next week lovely!


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