Freedom Fridays goes Viral (not in a good way)

So Freedom Friday rolls around once again. After a week of epic meltdowns, full-on grumps and 4:50am starts, Harry has skipped off in to nursery. Mamma really needed this day off today but the Gods have colluded against me and I feel like a bag of hot crap.

I’m sat in Caffè Nero nursing a flat white, porridge and hell yes, a pain au chocolate too – sharing my Ebola vibes with the local population. Why today? My one day off a week and it’s all I can do to lift my naughty pastry to my mouth, let alone chew. I suppose it’s better than having to look after a teething toddler whilst ill but my one me-day a week is so precious.

So why am I sat in a cafe rather than hot-footing back to bed? Because the husband is germish too! As you can imagine, if I am feeling under the weather, he has a bell ringer outside the door calling to bring out your dead. The bubonic plague has made a comeback in South East England. Why is he unwell? Because he over-exerted himself on his self-gifted day off on Wednesday playing golf. I believe he’s got a life threatening case of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). I cannot face heading home to the death throes without some serious pharmaceutical relief.

So as I wait here for Boots to open, I’m considering this Freedom Friday’s top three. This week it has to be top three poorly sick remedies:

1. Blackcurrant Lemsip Max Strength. None of this lemon malarkey. It has to be the purple stuff. A little like hot Ribena bit with more chemical relief. Alternate this with ibruprofen- the more drugs the better.

2. Epsom Salts. I intend to prune more than an Ella’s kitchen pouch in the bath for a good, undisturbed half an hour, with my skin soaking in that magnesium goodness. Prune, prune, prune! That should soothe my aching limbs.

3. Amazon Prime. As lying in bed with the plague victim is unappealing, a day on the sofa with some mind-numbing televisual pleasure is what the doctor ordered. Without Harry here, I won’t need to be subjected to Paw Patrol or Thomas & Friends. Whoop whoop.

If anyone fancies bringing me a bag of haribo and an almond croissant I’ll be eternally grateful. Or pizza. Or wants to feed me. Or mop my fevered brow. No? OK – fair enough.

What are your go-to sickness remedies? How do you ease aches, pains and germs? Please share – I need to be cured by 4:30 nursery pick-up. No pressure!

Lemsip-hot bath-heaven


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