Lunch inspiration

I am a creature of habit. And also one of ease and simplicity. Having whipped up some wizardry in trying to get Harry to eat each day, be it bagels, beans on toast, cheesy sweetcorn pasta or some other concoction, I lack enthusiasm and creativity for my own lunches.

Also know that I am always hungry. Always. When one has the joy of tracking their food on ‘My Fitness Pal’ in attempt to shed the poundage, one has to be careful what one rams in to their over-enthusiastic gob! None of this ‘lifestyle change’ – anything that cuts out carbs and minimises my cake intake is a bonafide diet, no sugar coating it (as much as that sounds heaven).

I am a massive Dawn O’Porter fan and think as well as being a fabulous writer – she makes my life on instagram (@hotpatooties). When Dawn recommended a Jamie Oliver’ silky Omelette’ I was jumping on that bandwagon like it was hot chips. Firstly – it is the easiest and quickest lunch EVER. Secondly it requires two ingredients. Thirdly – it is melt in the mouth lush! Finally – it only measures 248 calories on the Fitness Pal richter scale.

After years of scrambled egg affairs in my pan, welcome to my silky omelette (two eggs & thirty grams of cheese)

I won’t bore you with the recipe – Jamie the cheeky cockney/Essex chappy can do that here. Know this: I have eaten the same lunch for possibly the last month now. I like to add chilli flakes for a little extra personality. Note the lack of salad garnish – let’s be fair, it’s all about the 30g of delicious cheese silky gooiness!

Do you have any quick and easy mum lunches that are low on the carbs and high on the satisfaction? Please share before I start clucking and spitting feathers.


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