Freedom Fridays

Things you can do when you are minus-toddler…

Fridays are the one day a week I get to myself, as Harry is in nursery (generally channelling Evil Kinevil on the trikes and covering himself in strange and immovable substances). It’s amazing what you can achieve with two hands and without having to appease the Great Overlord that dominates our world.

This week’s top three:

  1. Drive without having to drown out the nasally whine of Thomas the Tank Engine. Oh, surprise – he’s bodged another special special delivery but gets away with it by being a cheeky chappy and ‘peep peeeeep’ the Number 1 Engine. Who invented headrest iPad holders and why on God’s green earth did we introduce them to short car journeys? I got to be that woman today, wriggling behind the wheel to Kisstory Anthems. It was that liberating, I’m surprised emergency services weren’t called to report the lady in the black merc having a seizure.
  2. Walk past the shopping centre train ride without having to commando roll in to the nearest shop to avoid meltdown or the shame of having to actually ride it. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be Ann Summers you make a dive for… no Harry, they’re not children’s toys…
  3. Enjoy a coffee without an entire plantation of sugar sachets being launched across a 100 metre radius. And hell yeah, that coffee was hot. Plus for once I wasn’t on my hands and knees retrieving the bloody things.

Why is it those blissful hours of freedom pass at warp speed but the graveyard slot between 5pm and 7pm feels like an eternity… See you next week Friday, you gorgeous beast.


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